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Preschool and Kinder Ballet  classes are also sometimes called creative movement or pre-ballet and are a student’s first introduction to the dance world. We prefer to start students at the age of 4 when they are ready to be in a classroom like setting and listen to the teacher for a 45 minute period of time. While to the outsider it may seem like these classes are all fun and games, this helps instill the love of dance into students which will start to lay a solid foundation for future development into our leveled classes.

Jazz classes are for students ages 6 and up. Jazz class is more upbeat than ballet and students will learn various things including turns, kicks, and jumps. This is a great class for those who would like to try out for a cheer or dance team one day. Because we are a family oriented school and are only open 4 days a week, jazz class is held immediately following ballet class to save on warm up time. Students wanting to enroll in jazz class are required to take the ballet class beforehand because warm ups and stretching will have been done in ballet class and will not be repeated in jazz class. This means we can shorten jazz class time to 30 minutes for levels 1 &2 and 45 minutes for levels 3 through 5 and it leaves more family time for both students and faculty!


Lyrical classes are for students ages 9 and up. Students must already be enrolled in their leveled ballet class of 3 or above. In this class we will take our ballet technique and translate it into a more emotional experience using music with lyrics to guide dancers along the way. 

Beginning and Intermediate Ballet classes are for students ages 6 on up who are ready to learn the technique and terminology of ballet. In class we will do barre and center work while focusing on turn out, discipline, balance, grace, and coordination. We invite all students of various levels into Beg/Int class divided by age level and ability.

Advanced Ballet classes are for students ages 9 on up who are ready to further advance their ballet technique and skills. This class includes the Progressing Ballet Technique program to help further improve dancer’s skills. Students wanting to start the path pointe shoes will need to take this class along with their leveled ballet class for a minimum of 2 years before being accepted into our pre-pointe class..

Tap classes are for students ages 6 and up.  Tap class is for those who are ready to make music with their feet. We will learn all kinds of steps such as brushes, flap-ball-changes, and even shuffle off to buffalo. Tap class is like a music class and dance class in one, our instrument is our feet!