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Elite Performance Stars

This is our performance & competitive group. Every year dancers make the decision if they would also like to make the extra commitment to be a part of this team. Each dancer chooses a community service project they would like to do at the beginning of the year. They have extra classes and rehearsals to prepare themselves early on in the season for performances and competitions. They perform in local community events as well as conventions and competitions in Phoenix and other areas of Arizona. They work hard to fundraise for any extra costs to be able to experience and participate in these dance events. 

If you have a dancer who is looking for more performance opportunities and loves to dance, contact us for more information!

 Elite Performance Stars Must be:

-6-9 years of age with at least 1 year of formal dance training

-9-13 years of age with at least 2-3 years of formal dance training

-12-17 years of age with 5 years or more of formal dance training

-Willing to train at least twice a week

-Auditioned/Approved by ASA staff at the beginning of the year

The Elite team is set to be a team of students (and parents) from our studio that helps to support and promote our studio throughout our community and beyond, while having the dedication and drive to become the best dancers that they can be. 

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